Duluth Fire Department and Red Cross Give Away Smoke Detectors

The fire department will also install every detector that they give away.

Nearly seven people die in a home fire every day and nearly thirty-five are injured. The American Red Cross and the Duluth Fire Department are giving away free smoke detectors to Duluth residents to reduce those numbers.

Fires can be devastating, but having a working smoke detector can limit their destruction.

“Smoke alarms save lives. It doubles your chance of survival in a fire,” said Fire Marshal Marnie Grondahl.

The Red Cross and the fire department will give away over five hundred alarms.

“My goal is to get them out of our office and onto the walls of people throughout the area,” said Tony Guerra, American Red Cross Disaster Program Manager.

The alarms are not only free, but will be installed by the fire department.

“I feel sort of like Santa Claus. I’m filling up my bag with smoke detectors and getting them out to the public. I know it sounds corny, but it’s a very good feeling knowing that one of these will save a life,” said Guerra.

The Home Fire Campaign tries to extinguish the lack of alarms and makes sure detectors are working and installed properly.

“It’s not enough to just have it but you have to maintain it. People get a false sense of security. They think if I have a fire in my house, I’ll wake up, I’ll smell the smoke. Well, you can’t smell smoke,” said Grondahl.

Those needing an alarm can register at www.getasmokealarm.org

“If it saves one life, all this work is well worth it,” said Guerra.

The American Red Cross is also working with other fire departments throughout the region.

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