Duluth Mayor’s Listening Sessions to Continue in 2017

Emily Larson has visited with different communities throughout the year

Duluth mayor Emily Larson met with residents in the Norton Park neighborhood today as part of her “City Hall in the City” outreach.

Throughout the year, Larson has made her way through different communities in Duluth, engaging with residents about ideas, concerns and needs in their neighborhood. Larson says getting out into the community has been a great way to talk directly with residents who care about what’s happening in the city.

“People do find their way to me,” Larson said. “Every day I get a walk in, I get emails, I get phone calls. But it is different to be more accessible and be out where people are comfortable, where you can have longer conversations.”

This was the last “City Hall in the City” for this year; however, Larson has received positive feedback from the sessions and plans to continue them into 2017.

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