Pearl Harbor Remembered 75 Years Later

"A day that will live in infamy."

75 years ago today Japanese war planes attacked a U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Today, we remember the lives lost in the attack and reflect on the historical significance of Pearl Harbor.

75 years after Pearl Harbor was attacked, Americans are still remembering what FDR once called “A day that will live in infamy.”

In Duluth, a special ceremony honored the more than 2,000 American service people who lost their lives at Pearl Harbor. Messages to help ensure that some parts of history are never repeated.

“If we can learn from our past to stop these things from happening before it leads into travesties and bloodshed, and so forth like that, it’s the greatest thing that can happen,” says Bob Woods, event coordinator of the Duluth Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day observance.

For some in the crowd, Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day has personal significance.

“When we were kids, he’d say ‘oh yeah I was at Pearl Harbor’ because all the other kids, their dads were in the war too, our friends. But not until we were adults did he finally tell us more about it,” says Dave Treichler.

Dave and Steve Treichler’s father, Conrad Treichler, was stationed at Pearl Harbor during the attack.

“It was a casual morning. They had breakfast and it was peaceful until 5 minutes later it was total war,” says Steve Treichler.

The Treichlers have visited the site where their father once fought.

“When we stood on that position and saw what he saw, it kind of brought it closer to home,” says Steve Treichler.

And they have always been inspired by his service.

“Personally, he’s my hero. We all have to have a hero or need or want one and he certainly was mine,” says Dave Treicher.

Today, the Treichlers can band together with their fellow citizens to salute those who served and remember Pearl Harbor.

“He says ‘always remember us.’ That’s what he always said was ‘please remember us,'” says Steve Treichler.

And 75 years later, Pearl Harbor has definitely not been forgotten.

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