Veteran’s Remembrance Dinner In Duluth

Past Military Members Honored At Depot

A veteran’s remembrance dinner was held Thursday at the Depot to honor past members of the military, and to pay tribute to one in particular.

Duluth native, Major Henry Courtney, known to friends and family as “Bob,” was a U.S. Marine who was killed in action in Japan near the end of World War II.

His actions in the war earned him a Congressional Medal of Honor. Members of Major Courtney’s family paid tribute to the fallen soldier during the dinner.

“I’m kind of overwhelmed with the character quality that he had,” said Courtney Storey, Major Courtney’s nephew. “It’s deepened my respect, this exercise, getting ready for this evening, has deepened my respect and admiration for him as a person.”

Members of the family are working on bringing Major Courtney’s Medal of Honor home to Duluth, where it will be displayed at the Veteran’s Memorial Hall.

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