Essentia Health Provides Clinical Trials Through the Institute of Rural Health

The Clinical Trials Help Find New Ways to Prevent, Detect, and Treat Medical Conditions

The Essentia Institute of Rural Health has been working to develop future patient care through clinical trials.

For the trials, patients volunteer to test new treatments, interventions, and devices for research purposes. The purpose is to help find new ways to prevent, detect, and treat different diseases and medical conditions.

“Clinical trials are really important here at Essentia and globally because the clinical trials actually help physicians guide their decision making in how they care for their patients here at Essentia,” said Christine Leone, the Manager of Clinical Trials Research and Development at Essentia Health.

The research programs first started in the 1970s, and have continued to grow since then.

Clinical trials are available for Oncology, neurology, cardiovascular, endocrinology, and Orthopedics.

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