Mystery Woman Spreads Holiday Cheer

Three Different People Recieved Envelopes

It’s the season of giving and one mystery woman is giving in a big way

Yesterday Duluth resident Gloria Uggla was sitting at home wondering if she wanted to brave the cold. But she did and went and waited for her bus at a local D–T–A bus stop.

While waiting patiently she witnessed a woman give three white envelopes to herself and two others.

“The girl was going to get her bus, she was running for her bus and the woman says here’s an envelope and i bet she was surprised when she opened it. Then she took off and a man came in and she walked over to me and gave me this envelope here. It says from one heart to another, pay it forward,” says Uggla.

The mystery woman told them merry Christmas and exited the bus stop.

It turns out that she made the right decision because when Gloria opened her envelope she was thrilled to find that the mystery woman had actually giving each of them $100 dollars.

She just wishes she could thank her

“But I would give her a hug, that’s the one thing I’m sorry that i didn’t do and if she watching this channel I want to thank you very much. You’re doing a good thing by helping other people, a lot of people need the help,” says Uggla.

Gloria says that she has already payed it back by giving $100 to her son to spend on his two daughters for Christmas.

So to the woman who nobody knows…thank you for spreading holiday cheer one person at a time.

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