Dog Visits UWS Before Finals

Therapy dog in training visits UWS students before next week's finals


With finals week on the way, students at the University of Wisconsin–Superior had a chance to de-stress today with a visit from a dog.

Naddy is a therapy dog in training.

She is 9–years–old and this is her fifth time interacting with students at UWS.

The University hopes having a dog can help reduce student’s stress while preparing for next week’s finals.

“The fact that they get to come here and relax for even 20 minutes or 10 minutes, and take their mind off of what they’re going through, really, really helps them, at least from the feedback I get,” says Naddy’s owner and UWS women’s soccer coach Morgan MacLean.

“She likes to get treats from them. She loves carrots. She’ll do tricks for them. She’ll lay and get pets from them and stuff like that. So anything that she can do to help, the students can enjoy.”

The fall semester at UWS will end next Friday.

Students will return January 23rd for spring classes.


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