Nikki’s Notebook: Changes Coming To Education System

Trump Has Announced Nominee For Education Secretary

Changes are coming to the nation’s education system following the results of this year’s presidential election.

President elect Donald Trump introduced his choice for education secretary, Betsy Devos.

Devos appeared on stage with Trump at a rally in Michigan Friday when she announced her plans to do away with the common core, and added that she wants to expand parents options to different types of schools.

Devos’ vocal support of charter schools and school of choice has also made her a prime target of critics in public education.

“The answer isn’t bigger government, it’s local control and listening to parents and giving more choices,” said Devos at the rally.

There were hecklers during Devos’ speech and she did claim there is a lot of ‘false news’ out about her stance but asked people to give her a chance.

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