Twin Ports Feminists Work to Send Women to March in D.C.

The Goal is to Raise $4,000

Women in the Twin Ports are working to send people to The Women’s March on Washington D.C.

A fundraiser was held by Feminist Action Collective at the Red Herring to raise money to help pay for women to attend the march in January.

The event featured women performers, and a suggested 10 dollar donation with all proceeds going to the cause. The goal of the group is to raise 4,000 dollars to cover travel expenses for 10 women.

“We also believe that it’s an opportunity for Twin Ports Area Women who aren’t able to fund it themselves to get some sort of an education in activism,” said Abigail Mlinar, the Founder of Feminist Action Collective.

To donate to the cause, or to apply for the grant to go to Washington, visit

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