Ice Fishing Season Begins

DULUTH, Minn. –

Ice fishing season has finally arrived, with cold temperatures freezing lakes across the Northland.

Some inland lakes such as Rice Lake near Duluth now have thick enough ice to fish.

It is recommended to wait until about 4 inches of ice is covering lakes before walking out and for ice to be about 6 inches thick before driving a snowmobile or ATV onto a lake.

Most years people start getting ready for ice fishing around thanksgiving but this year, with the late warm fall, they’re just starting now,” says Chalstrom’s owner John Chalstrom.

Anglers are excited to be back on the ice.

Some say they fish once or twice per week during the winter and that ice fishing gives them access they don’t usually have to reel in a big one.

“Getting the spots where I don’t normally fish. I fish over there all the time. I don’t fish out here ever,” says angler Justin Point.

Thousands of people ice fish each year in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

According to one angler, the first few weeks of the season are usually the best.