Dangerously Cold Air On The Way Tonight

Wind Chill could reach -40 in some areas

Duluth, Minn

Mother Nature continues to tighten her grip on the Northland.

But it looks like conditions will change for the better sooner than later.

As another snow storm comes and goes it’s what’s left behind that is a cause for concern.

As winter storm Decima continues to dump snow in the north east she has left a clear path for the coldest temperatures yet to hit the twin ports overnight tonight.

“We’re expecting wind chill values right around 35 below zero tonight so that can lead to frost bite in as little as 15 minutes so if you plan on being outside tonight make sure you dress accordingly,” says Meteorologist Greg Frosig of the National Weather Service.

So far this winter we’ve seen some cold air, but not this cold. Actual temperatures are expected to dip to –25 degrees.

Being that cold plays a major factor in the amount of time it takes frost bite to occur.

“The longer you’re out there the more likely you are to get some frost bites. Frost bite will occur faster when the temperatures are colder along with a wind around 5 miles per hour. In warmer temperatures you can still get frost bite but it will take a little bit warmer,” says Frosig.

And if traveling is a need, you might want to be prepared.

“If you’re planning to travel make sure you have an emergency survival kit in your car, make sure you have a fully charged cell phone  before you leave so if you get stalled or you get lost you can call for help,” says Frosig

There is good news however,

The cold air only last through mid–week with above average temps on the way just in time for Christmas.

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