Prime rib popular choice for holiday meals

Ham also strong seller



Superior Meats has been buzzing along over the last week and inundated with orders due to the upcoming holidays.
Management at the store told Fox 21 that the top sellers are their double-smoked ham and prime rib.

They have sold 6,800 pounds of the ham and 3,000 pounds of prime rib.
Potato sausage is another popular item.

What’s really fun is when they come home and haven’t been in this store for the last 10 years and they see the change in the store. They are just in awe. We get a lot of people that will call from out of town and they want to get their parents a gift that still live here.

Those gifts for those parents are usually gift cards.

Superior Meats has sold 9,000 dollars in them over the last week.

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