Nikki’s Notebook: FAB Lab Gives Students Real-World Experience

Denfeld and Duluth East Students Have Access To Design Engineering Lab

DULUTH, Minn. –

The decision of what to do after high school is a big one for seniors, a new design center that just officially opened up this week is attracting a lot of attention from students.

Denfeld and Duluth East High School students now have access to the FAB Lab, a space for engineering, design, robotics, graphic arts and digital design projects.

The lab, and the career and technical success program was created in partnership with several community organizations.

Students like Clarissa Smith have a chance to get hands-on experience in fields like welding.

“I know in the future I will have a job, there’s so many areas you can do welding in,” said Smith.

Smith’s father was also a welder, but has passed away.

“I’d like to follow in his footsteps,” said Smith.

Other students, like Noah Jackson say the lab time gives them an opportunity to find their passion.

“I don’t know what to do,” said Jackson. “That’s the reason why I’m taking this class, exploring what interests me.”

It’s a four-stream engineering design program that the school district says is like an updated shop class.

“We’re opening their eyes to the adult world,” said CTE Instructor Kevin Chederquist. “What it is and what it requires to help guide and prevent missteps in their future.”

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