Red Herring Holds Event For Standing Rock

Duluth Stands With Standing Rock

Duluth, Minn

In early December the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers struck down plans for the controversial Dakota access pipeline.

Most people would take that as a win for the so–called water protectors. But that’s not the case according to some in Duluth.

Tonight there was a benefit at the red herring called Duluth stands with standing rock.

And to people there tonight construction of the pipeline has not stopped at all.

Three weeks ago the section of pipeline going under the Missouri river in North Dakota was brought to a standstill.

But right now protesters remain on the site continuing their stand on the pipeline.

And tonight at the red herring pipeline opponents tell us they’re waiting to see how president elect Donald Trump’s administration handles the situation.

“With the next presidency coming into office they could overturn and so that’s why protestors are still out there, water protectors are waiting to see what the next administrations opinions are because their pro oil,” says Killy Kay how organized the event.

Event organizers say it looks like tensions between the two sides have dwindled.

Tonight officials continue to be worried about the lack of sanitation and the cold winter temperatures for water protectors still camping out in North Dakota.

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