Animal Answers: Benefits of Feeding Birds in the Northland

Experts at Wild Birds Unlimited say Winter is the Most Important time to Feed our Feathered Friends

DULUTH, Minn. – Cold climates can become a constant battle for those who never have the chance to warm up or thaw out.

Summer soaring can be sweet sailing for our friends with wings in the Northland.

“The chickadees, the nuthatches, woodpeckers are all clinger birds, so they don’t necessarily need a perching area. Many people ask us what types of food I can feed the birds this time of year,” said Misty Bristol, Owner of Duluth Wild Birds Unlimited.

Common questions from folks flocking to stores such as Wild Birds Unlimited this time of year.

“It’s very important to feed the birds, they need high fatty, calorie food to store fat,” said Bristol.

Fattening up the feathers to make it through the cold, miserable Midwest winter nights.

“They just really need it for fat storage just as we would need our hat, mittens, and jackets; they need the extra fat on their body.”

Experts recommend putting out feeders that can hold enough food for a few days.

“There are purple finches, your woodpeckers, cardinals, all sorts of winter birds in the Northland, and they need our help,” said Bristol.

Other popular items on the winter plate include foods rich in protein.

“With our bark butter that you can smear on trees, we have feeders that you can smear the bark butter on,” said Bristol.

Buying special sources of feed to feast from, coating birds with a blanket of winter warmth.

“We have our suet’s that you can put in various types of feeders that we have.”

Bristol says black oil sunflower seeds tend to be a top seller this time of year, but for some, the mess turns into madness. By purchasing seeds already cracked, storing energy becomes more efficient.

“That way the birds aren’t using their energy to crack open their shells, they can just eat the food right away,” said Bristol.

Experts also want to remind folks who are feeding of the importance to keep an open source of water for your birds. Heated bird baths or bird bath heaters can be used to keep a constant flow throughout the next few months.

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