Northland Family has Built Memories in Grocery Aisles for Decades

Northland Uncovered: Super One Foods

DULUTH, Minn. – Stopping at a grocery store is on the errands list of many.

In Duluth, there are many options including Super One Foods.

This popular grocery chain got its start right here in the Northland.

“It starts back with my great–grandparents, Ida and Tony Miner,” Miner’s Inc. Store Director Patrick Miner explained.

The family business started up in the early 1940’s.

It’s a company that now keeps Minnesotans, Wisconsinites and Michiganders fed all year long.

“At one point my great–grandfather had seen and they had discussed, but their patrons were leaving to go pick up their milk, bread, and eggs on their way home,” said Miner.

A natural businessman, Tony Miner, Patrick’s great-grandfather, saw potential.

“They’re going, “hmm, maybe this is something we can do something with,”” Miner said.

Miner said from that idea came Miner’s Market, “They altered their building and built a storefront out and before you know it, we’re in the grocery business.”

It’s a grocery business that has stayed in the Miner family ever since. Patrick Miner is the fourth generation working for the company.

His childhood memories include growing up spending time in the many stores.

“I’d been, and my brothers, and I’ve got other cousins involved as well, but we’ve all kind of been pushed around in carts since we’d been youngsters,” Miner remembered.

A big focus for all the generations has always been taking care of their customers.

“We’ve got a responsibility to be able to serve our communities,” said Miner.

However, when that passion started more than 70 years ago, they definitely weren’t the only option in town. “Back then Grand Rapids had 17 grocery stores at the time,” Miner said, “and that was the norm.”

Miner says the business quickly grew, “The story goes there was a small loan from a local bank that they got to actually expand the store.”

When Jim Miner brought the store to Duluth, it adopted the Piggly Wiggly brand name.

These popped up in the area until 1977 when the name was changed to Super One Foods.

Today, there are 29 grocery store locations and eight liquor store locations throughout the Northland.

For more on the company, head to their website.

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