Stafne’s Sacrifice Pays Off

Brionna Stafne had to sit out of varsity sports for one year to join the Mirage.

For Brionna Stafne hockey was always a family affair but after Brionna’s sophomore year, Cory Stafne’s contract with the northern stars wasn’t renewed.

“I’m super close with my parents so it would have been uncomfortable to go back into a setting that didn’t like support him,” said Brionna. “It made sense to open enroll at Hermantown rather than continue at Duluth.”

The mirage was a perfect fit for Brionna and the team was happy to have her.

“Brionna is a stereotypical coaches dream she’s a kid that works hard every day, never takes a shift off,” said Mirage Assistant Coach Jeff Gunderson.

The MSHL wasn’t as fond of the move, denying Brionna’s request to transfer without sitting out of varsity competition for a year.

“It was devastating at first but Glenn and the coaches and the rest of the team were really supportive,” said Brionna.

“My hat goes off to her, and all the coaches think the world of her for biting that bullet and taking a whole year of playing JV,” said Gunderson.

After watching the varsity team from the bench for a full year, it is now Brionna’s turn to get on the ice.

“I love it. The pace is a lot faster. Obviously, the competition’s a lot better, it’s a lot of fun I love all the girls on the team,” said Brionna.

Brionna is having a great time with her current team and even though the transition wasn’t a smooth one, there are no regrets.

“It was definitely a good life lesson. You’re not going to get everything you want in life and things definitely aren’t going to turn out as you want every single time,” said Brionna.

Brionna is now looking at her next team after the Mirage.

“I recently committed to Bethel University in the cities, I’m planning to play hockey there and study nursing,” said Brionna.

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