KYN: New Chalet at Giants Ridge

Offers a Wide Variety of Foods, From Snacks, to Fine Dining

New restaurants, like Burnt Onion, are open at Giant’s Ridge and now, not only can you have a quick bite to eat after a day on the slopes, you can actually have a nice sit down steak dinner. And now, people are frequenting Giant’s Ridge, and it’s not just for the skiing.

Hungry skiers and snowboarders make their way to the Giant’s Ridge Chalet, because when taking a break from a long day of skiing, Giant Ridge, has a wide variety of food you can refuel with.

“The new food court has everything from you can get a huge burrito, or you can get a burrito bowl, we have chicken chili, beef chili, cream of chicken wild rice, you can get a pizza made custom to order,” Dan Schimka, lists just a few out of the selection you can choose from.

With so many options, there’s something for everyone, helping create a family friendly environment that is perfect for a ski resort.

“We offer everything from fast food to of course, healthy and organic stuff for people who like that kind of food,” says Schimka.

But it’s not all food to grab between runs down the hill. The chalet offers higher end meals, for people who are looking for fine dining

“You can have pan seared scallops with polenta,” says Schimka.

In the summer when the skiing crowd goes away, and Golfers fill the chalet, the menu will change again.  Forever evolving, changing, and trying new things, just the way their guests like it.

“We did the beer dinner, we did a cooking demonstration where 100 people showed up. We’re going to keep doing those things, as long as people keep showing up for them,” says Schimka.

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