Fishing Experts Offer Ice Fishing Tips

Experts say ice picks can be the cheapest and most effective ways to keep yourself safe on the ice.

The Minnesota DNR says that there’s no such thing as ice that’s 100% safe. They say caution and preparation can keep anglers and others from skating on thin ice.

Spencer Otis has been out on frozen lakes to ice fish since he was twelve. “I like to fish all the time, it’s my passion. I do it more than anything,” said Otis.

So when he was stocking up on supplies at Gander Mountain, he was also on the lookout to buy safety gear.

“Safety’s big. I don’t want to fall through the ice and get hypothermia, that’s bad,” said Otis.

Fishing experts say that one of the biggest things you need for ice fishing is also one of the cheapest. Ice picks are affordable and reliable.

“It’s definitely the cheapest lifesaver on the planet,” said Shark Kishida, the fishing and marine supervisor at Gander Mountain in Duluth.

In addition to an ice pick, other essentials include cleats, a life jacket, ice augers to check the thickness of the ice and a waterproof phone case.

Anglers should always communicate with someone else on where they are going and when they expect to come back.

“I think the biggest thing is the common sense, know what you’re getting into,” said Kishida.

As anglers like Otis gear up for winter fun, they’re also getting ready just in case.

“You just never know,” said Otis.

“There is no fish worth your life,” said Kishida.

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