8° Above Average High Temperature Reached at 8pm Tonight

High Temperature Tomorrow To Be Reached As Early As 11am. Temps To Drop Significantly After.

Tonight we reached our high temperatures at 8pm! Duluth came in at 28°, putting us 8° above average. As we head through the rest of the evening, temperatures will remain steady in the mid and upper 20’s.


Tomorrow we will start the day off nice, mild and above average. Our high temperatures will be in the low to mid 20’s and we will reach these by 11am.



Once we hit them though, a cold air mass will be surging down through the Northland and dropping our temperatures significantly.



By the end of the night, we will all be in the teens. Winds are also going to be increasing throughout the day as well, out of the northwest, sustained 15-25mph. We could see gusts up to 30mph at times as well.


This will be making it actually feel 20° cooler than the actual temperatures. So our high “feel like” tomorrow will be 5° at 11am. We drop below zero for feel like temperatures once we hit 1pm and it goes down from there. So if you are headed out in the morning, remember it’ll be getting colder as the day progresses.


-Meteorologist Brittney Merlot

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