Shoveling Safety Tips

Local chiropractors busy with Northlanders shoveling snow and ice


While you’re out shoveling snow this winter, make sure to do it safely so you don’t end up in a doctor’s or chiropractor’s office.

As people work to break apart ice and lift and throw snow, it puts a lot of pressure on their backs.

That’s why, after winter storms, local chiropractic offices are packed with people suffering from back strains and injuries related to falling on ice.

“When you lift and twist, that puts a lot of stress on the back and that’s usually when you’re going to end up with problems. So if you can shovel it and keep straight on with it so you’re not twisting with it, that will help a lot,” says Dr. Jim Hoeffling, chiropractor at Twin Ports Chiropractic.

It is also recommended that shovelers stretch before going outside to clear snow.

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