Four Seasons Supper Club

A Finland Staple Filling Up Hungry Snowmobilers For Nearly 50 Years

It’s no secret, Northlander’s love their four seasons. However, for residents of Finland Minnesota the feeling means something a little different.

Owner Bonnie Tikkanen says, “I love winter just as much as summer, except for when it gets way too cold. Nobody likes that too much.”

Instead of a winter freeze or summer heat, think sizzling burgers and cold drinks.

Tikkanen adds, “We also have char grilled steaks, and chicken and fish, and homemade specials everyday. Fish fry on Friday, so they have a choice of most anything they’d like.”

Located right on some of Minnesota’s best snowmobile trails, The Four Seasons Supper Club has been popular spot for those enjoying the north shore area.

Tikkanen explains, “They can just drive their sleds up and come on in. Even for our New Years Eve, we’ve got about 4 different entrees with a 4 course dinner and salad bar and so they can come as they are on their snowmobile or they can dress up, everybody is welcome no matter what.”

Staying true to its name The Four Seasons Supper Club keeps its doors open year round and has been owned on and off by Bonnie for the past 42 years.

Tikkanen speaks on her experience, “I was in and out for a few years but I know a lot about it and I know a lot about the people in the area and I can direct people which direction to go to snowmobile or in the summer time to go fishing.”

Now, both tourists and regulars alike, await more delicious decades yet to come.

Tikkanen adds, “They think whoo! We didn’t know there was such a nice place around here and they’re so glad to come in and everyone is always welcome, Finland is very friendly town, everyone talks with everyone else and it’s very nice for everybody.”

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