Gloria Dei Plans to Remodel Church Damaged by Fire

The Project Could Cost Around $5 Million

Gloria Dei members have been holding Sunday services at the Old Faith Lutheran Church Building, since the fire that caused hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage on the Gloria Dei building. But now the church members are preparing to rebuild and restore their space of worship.

Ashes, dust, and burnt remains of chairs and pianos, are what’s left inside of the historic sanctuary, that caught fire last February.  But members of Gloria Dei still have hope. The structure of the building itself is safe, which means once they remodel the inside of the building, the members will be able to return to their beloved space.

“We are now currently in the process of working with an architect and construction management company to identify the cost and the plans that allow us and move forward in rebuilding,” said Brett Amundson, Council President of the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church.

But the road to recovery isn’t without major challenges. The remodeling could cost millions of dollars to complete, and there are still details like what models they’ll use to rebuild, and exactly how much it will cost, before construction can even begin.

The hope of the Church is to be back in the building by 2020.

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