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Dr. Claudia Cottrell Uses the Power of Her Hands to Give Motion Back to Animals in the Northland

DULUTH, Minn. – For humans, it can be extremely never wracking to commit to seeing a chiropractor. But what if noise or anticipation didn’t exist; only the thought of getting better came to mind.

Dr. Claudia Cottrell cracks her patients up.

“It was a slow start but every month I got busier and busier,” said Dr. Claudia Cottrell, Owner of Animal Kingdom Chiropractic.

Having been in the practice for 25 years, just five years ago, realization set in, and inspiration started to dwindle.

“A friend of mine has horses and she had said that she had her horse adjusted and it just caught my interest,” said Cottrell.

Packing up from the practice of people, and switching over to pets, Dr. Claudia wheeled off to schooling, in Wellsville, Kansas.

“I’m amazed every day at some of the outcomes since,” said Cottrell.

After graduation in 2011, a new light of inspiration kept the practice of healing in the hands of this Northland woman.

“I started off with contacting the local veterinarians and letting them know that I did chiropractic work for animals,” said Cottrell.

Moose the sheepdog, used to have the moves, according to his owner.

“I’ve had a number of dogs in the past year that were completely paralyzed in the back end and they all have walked,” said Cottrell.

This furry friend is going on twelve-and-a-half years of live. It’s a life that could have been cut short, one year ago without the help of Animal Kingdom Chiropractic.

“I do what I do best and just wait for the miracle of healing,” said Cottrell.

Healing hands, helping Moose, move again.

“If they feel good one day, it’s a good day, yesterday’s gone. There’s really no tomorrow in a dog or a horse’s world.”

Animal chiropractic care is designed to help with pain relief, restoring full function, promoting full healing, along with preventing the development of degeneration.

“Chiropractic is all about neurology, where adjusting the spine affects the central nervous system and then that in turn supports the function of the body,” said Cottrell.

Supporting the many systems of the animal’s mind, body, and spirit.

“I’m just so amazed at the power of chiropractic.”

Dr. Claudia typically sees nearly 60 patients a week between her home in Hermantown and office on Garfield Avenue.

She recently traveled to Norway for a chiropractic conference, and will be incorporating new knowledge learned across the pond, right here in the Twin Ports.

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