Northlanders Do Activities Indoors to Keep Out of the Cold Temperatures

Ways to warm up in the frigid temperatures

DULUTH, Minn. -With the frigid temperatures this week, places like coffee shops have been really busy.

Over at Amity Coffee in Duluth, employees have noticed a couple common trends among their customers.

Jordan Pykkonen, the Manager at Amity Coffee, said “The first customers don’t come until later and they are staying in longer, I don’t think they want to go outside once they come in.”

Amity employees are selling a lot of plain black coffee as well as plenty of other hot drinks.

Some prefer staying warm with a cup of coffee while others, prefer staying active to keep warm.

Over at Adventure Zone in Canal Park, there are tons of indoor activities people of all ages can take part in.

Whether it’s playing games or hitting a hole in one on the mini golf course, you can be sure to stay warm here.

Boyer Alseth, the Operations Manager at Adventure Zone, said “It’s just too cold. There is just no where else families can go to.”


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