WITC offers New Broadband Academy

The Programs Help People Find a Lasting Career


From Internet to Television, the broadband industry has become a necessity for many people’s lives, and offers different types of jobs within it.

“Wisconsin Governor Just is initiating a 35 million dollar increase in broadband programs, new and existing programs throughout the state,” said Paul Kostner, the Broadband Academy Program Director. “With this initiative, they’re going to need qualified individuals to maintain and install and maintain these networks.”

Now, WITC has created a new Broadband Academy, with a grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration to help people get jobs in the industry, with livable wages.

“Television satellite cellphones. These are all types of services that this broadband industry needs qualified individuals to maintain these networks,” said Kostner.

But the academy’s not just for people looking for new jobs. Companies like Norvado use the academy to retrain their employees to adapt to an ever changing industry.

“WITC has offered us our technicians the skills to keep up to date with the technology and trends,” said Rob Lombard, the Network manager for Norvado.

The Broadband Academy has 3 levels of programs to help both new and experienced people in the industry, with an embedded technical diploma for each level completed, and for those who choose to, the academy can lead to education beyond WITC.

That way, people can find careers that they love, while still paying the bills.

“It’s rewarding. As you get to new technologies and new network for both businesses and just everyday people,” said Lombard.

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