Becoming City Council President Unusually Competitive

Political Expert Says City Council Presidents are Usually Almost Predetermined

As a tradition, the Duluth City council votes on a new president each year. Political expert Cindy Rugeley says in Duluth, the city council president is usually almost pre-determined, with the person with the most experience taking on the leadership role.

“In this instance, a new council member is saying, I want to change this.  I want to be the presiding officer, I wanna make it more of a role where, this person is involved more in, essentially helping bring issues or taking more of a policy role in you know, moving the council,” said Cindy Rugeley an Associate Professor of Political Science.

The two members who were vying for the presidency, Joel Sipress,  who has been on the council for 3 years, and Noah Hobbs, who has been on the board for 3 years, has what Hobbs calls a philosophical divide, on what they believe to be is the role of the city council

Hobbs says that philosophical divide and the desire to get more accomplished this year is why he wanted to be president, while, Sipress believes years of experience serving as a city councilor and Council Vice President has prepared him for the Job.

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