Duluth Police Strategic Planning Results Are In

Results included over 1000 comments and 813 responses from the community

DULUTH, Minn. – The Duluth Police Department continues to develop its new strategic plan, and results of the community survey data have been compiled and analyzed along with information gathered from community meetings and interviews.

The department received 813 responses and over 1000 comments during the survey which ran from October 4 through November 20. Results were compiled based on a variation of demographics in the area including gender, ethnicity, and communities represented.

Items that the community were able to give input on included and overall service rating of the department; biggest changes that have led to improvements in services; ¬†perception of treatment toward certain groups; if individuals believed that the DPD has earned their trust and confidence; perceptions of authority exercised; “over-policing,” in other-words giving more attention to certain groups of people; and “under-policing,” giving less attention to groups; use of force in the past three years. Individuals were then able to give their input on areas to improve over the next five years. For example, where to increase their presence throughout the Duluth area.

Community meetings were also held, which opened up the floor for business and programs in Duluth, to give their input as well.

A meeting was held in December to formulate drafts of the mission, core beliefs, values, and goals based on the input form the community and department members.

Two additional meetings will occur to further develop the plan; the first will gather input from department members and the second will involve the department and strategic planning team for additional refinements. The final product is expected to be released to the community in early March.

For the full results of the community survey click here. 

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