Photographer’s Work Lives on at Denfeld High School

Susan Menz was killed in a car crash in October 2015. Some of her photographs will be displayed at Denfeld as a memorial.

Duluth, Minn.-In October of 2015, Susan Menz died as the result of a hit and run car crash near the area known as the Twin Ponds. She was an avid photographer and died doing what she loved the most.

Menz enjoyed taking photographs around Duluth and now some of her work will be donated to her alma mater, Denfeld High School.

Her family members remember her as someone who would love to smile and make everyone laugh and she hated to lose at board games.

“A very positive person always had a smile on her face, always the life of the party, always first one to try to make you laugh,” said Rick Menz, Susan’s husband.

She took pictures of her family and of nature around Duluth.

“Her favorite things and favorite areas and just kept going back there and finding things you would probably walk by and not notice they are there,” said Menz.

Her friends and family thought of donating money to a photography club at Denfeld High School as a memorial, but the school thought of a different idea.

“Our principal said we can do a little better than that,” said Denfeld assistant principal Marcia Nelson.

Instead, Menz’s legacy will live on through the beauty captured in her lens.

“We hope these students can say these amazing people walked through the halls and stood in the same places and sat in my classes and if they can do it, I can do it,” said Nelson.

Eighteen of Susan’s photos will line the walls where she used to walk.

“That will be quite something. I know she loved Denfeld. She was very proud of going to school here and her whole family went here and our children went here and hopefully our grandchildren will be here,” said Menz.

Members of Susan’s family wear a necklace with the words of hope, joy, and strength. Those are three words among thousands that one can take from a picture.

“I think the goal is that they make Denfeld a better place and we want leave them here forever,” said Nelson.

The school and the family are hoping to install all of the pictures sometime in the next week and also plan an unveiling ceremony.

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