A Slippery Start To 2017

Tips To Stay Safe On Slick Sidewalks

Icy sidewalks are apart of life here in the northland, but, there are things you can do to stay a bit safer when trekking around this time of year.

Now that winter is in full swing, and mother nature has laid down a solid layer of ice, a fall out here could not only ruin your day, but it could leave you with some serious long term effects. Sheets of ice are now covering most city sidewalks and 2017 in the northland is off to slippery start.

Dane Laughlin of Lange-Laughlin Chiropractic Center says, “It’s probably 10–15 percent. For 2 weeks or 3 weeks where I’ll see 10 or 15 percent of my patients are slip and fall injuries so it does go up quite a bit.”

Now that there’s an excess of slick surfaces, Injuries have been on the rise and health professionals are warning not to wait if you take a tumble.

Laughlin adds, “It can end up creating problems distant from the original injury. Let’s say it’s a low back injury the muscles end up tightening up through the spine, tightening up into the shoulder blade, up into the neck.”

If you’re trying to minimize your risk you might want to consider picking up a pair of shoe chains to keep yourself sturdy on the ice.

Scott Miller from Northwest Outlet explains, “Super simple, to put on and off, basically you put the toe on, you stretch it. There’s a little tab, you pull up on the heel and away you go.”

The chains come in a variety of sizes and traction levels, and are useful for everything from your walk daily to work to a weekend winter excursion.

Miller adds, “Any sort of outdoor activity where you’d be on ice. Eliminating that slip and that risk factor of falling and breaking a hip or something people just love to feel the sense of security that these give them.”

If you find yourself having to do a bit of extra walking this time of year remember to go slow, stay vigilant and maybe invest in a pair of shoe chains.

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