How Sweet It Is Ruining New Years Resolutions One Cake at a Time

They Also Have Healthy Options if You Can Avoid the Tempting Sweets

It’s been 10 days since the new year kicked off, but many people are already breaking their new years resolutions.

President of How Sweet it is Cakes, Eileen Brown, says numbers of visitors drop a little around the new year, when people make their resolutions, and try to get back on track with their health goals after holiday eating. But after a few weeks, many are right back at the store, ready to buy a tasty cupcake or three.

“We’ve had people come in and actually tell us, you shouldn’t be tempting me, but I’m going to buy it anyway, so they buy our sweets, and walk out the door giggling,” said Eileen Brown, the President of How Sweet It Is Cakes.

But how sweet it is cakes also has sandwiches loaded with veggies and freshly sliced meat, and made with homemade bread, for people still sticking to their health goals.

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