Nettleton Elementary School to Be Sold

Duluth School District Has Entered Into an Agreement to Sell School to Developer

DULUTH, Minn. – There are new developments tonight involving the sale of the vacant Nettleton Elementary School.

The Duluth School District has entered into an agreement with a property developer.

Meanwhile, Many Rivers Montessori School sits on the sideline with an offer on Nettleton as well.

The Duluth School District now says it intends to move forward with the sale of the Nettleton School property to a developer. The district hasn’t yet said who that developer will be or what their plans are.

This comes after Many Rivers Montessori School recently submitted their third offer for the property. District officials have said it’s against board policy to sell properties to what they believe are competing schools.

Superintendent Bill Gronseth issued the following statement about the potential sale:

“The school district considered two letters of intent for the Nettleton property last month, and since that time has entered into an agreement with one of the parties. We are currently working on details of a purchase agreement with the interested party and are not currently considering other offers.”

Many Rivers Montessori is hoping their most recent offer, which was above the district’s asking price, will still be considered by the school district.

“I just hope that the school board takes as much flexibility as they legitimately have to get the best price they can for that property,” says Mark Neidermier, head of school at Many Rivers Montessori.

If Many Rivers can’t get the Nettleton School property, they may submit an offer for the Rockridge Elementary School property, which the school district is also trying to sell.

Many Rivers would also look at other properties not being sold by the district.

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