Essentia Helps Provide New Service at Chester Bowl

Snowboards Are Now Available for Rent at Chester Bowl, Thanks to a Generous Grant


DULUTH, Minn. – The Chester Bowl Ski Hill in Duluth is now home to a brand new service this season, thanks to a generous grant from the Essentia Health Community Contributions Fund.

Fifty new snowboards and seventy-five sets of boots are now available to be rented out for those looking to hit the slopes.

The snowboard rental program goes along with the current ski rental program, allowing folks to check equipment out in the fall, and return it in the spring.

“Essentia’s generosity has more kids out on the slopes and in snowboards this year,” said Dave Schaeffer, Executive Director of the Chester Bowl Improvement Club.

Schaeffer is thankful for Essentia’s support in contributing to the community, allowing more folks to utilize the popular recreation area.

“Some of the families who are snowboarding wanted to try earlier but couldn’t afford to buy a snowboard. So with our rental program it’s much more affordable to rent it season by season, plus we offer scholarships for those who can’t afford the rental costs,” said Schaeffer.

Over $15,000 dollars of Chester Bowl scholarship money has been used up this winter, covering the cost for those who can’t easily afford the seasonal activities.


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