Snow Blower Sales Increasing with Steady Snowfall

Denny's Lawn and Garden has seen increased sales compared to the past few years

DULUTH, Minn. – Snow blowers have gotten quite a work out this season. Duluth has seen nearly 40 inches of snow since November.

Denny’s Lawn and Garden has seen increased sales on snow blowers compared to the past few years. The business has done a lot of repairs on them as well. The owner tells us sales typically drop off after Christmas, but they’re still hoping a large snowstorm will help get a few more off the shelves.

“When we start seeing snow storms, snows two three four inches back to back to back like we have this week, it helps business,” said Scott Cyr, owner of Denny’s Lawn & Garden. “People get tired of shoveling.”

If you’re looking for a snow blower, Denny’s recommends coming in to make sure you’re buying a size you can handle.

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