Finding Natural Remedies for Body Pain During Cold Winter Months

Holistic Healing Methods Could Be What the Doctor Ordered

DULUTH, Minn. —

For people suffering from joint pain or other chronic pain, the extreme cold in winter can make certain symptoms even worse.

At Duluth Natural Medicine and Chiropractic, several natural remedies are recommended to help relieve body pain during these frigid months.

Massages or regular chiropractic visits come to mind, as well as light and laser therapy.

Dr. Robb Anderson says helping the body feel relaxed is the highest priority when extreme weather might enhance your symptoms.

“When you relax in any way then – the cold is making it worse, and it hits a vulnerable area – these methods we just outlined can just let that area go,” Dr. Anderson said.

He also says that saunas and vitamin supplements, as well as treatments based in magnesium (Epsom salts, magnesium relaxation beverages) can help with relaxation as well.

Dr. Anderson also stresses the importance of staying hydrated, and maintaining a healthy diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and non-processed foods.

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