Tips for Your Phone in the Cold

Keep in Warm Places

DULUTH, Minn.-With the bitter cold temperatures hitting the Northland over the last few months many Northlanders are tired of dealing with day to day outdoor activities.

That cell phone that you are holding in your hand right now, along with its battery, feels the same way too.

One local expert told Fox 21 that the cold can be brutal on any electronics which has caused him to see a spike in business.

“The main thing when you are outside in the cold is you want to make sure that you have the phone someplace close to your body and warm,” said Colin Mackin, owner of ILF Smart Phone Clinic. “Electronics don’t like extremes in temperature. They don’t like to be too cold and they don’t like to be too hot.”

Among the other tips experts brought forward include making sure you don’t leave the phone in your car.

When that occurs, the phone becomes much colder, which makes it fragile.

If you do happen to leave your phone out in the cold, it’s not recommended to use it right away. It’s better to let it warm up.

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