Lanigan Curling for Gold

Duluth native Lexi Lanigan is competing at Nationals for a chance at worlds.

DULUTH, Minn. – Lexi Lanigan couldn’t always throw far when curling but she stuck with it.

“Even in high school I would miss my sweetheart dance, or I would miss my soccer banquet, or a soccer game and it was hard to tell people that I was missing for curling,” said Lanigan.

The Duluth native now attends University of Minnesota but curling has taken her further than Minnesota.

“My very first nationals was in Seattle, Washington, that was a great trip,” said Lanigan

Starting on Sunday, Lanigan is attending her fourth nationals, this year in North Dakota.

“In Fargo we’ll be competing for gold, we have some pretty great teams there, we’ll be on our toes but I believe we can win,” said Lanigan.

The championship will be held this Saturday and if Lanigan’s team walks away with a gold medal, her team will travel to South Korea for Worlds.

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