Hundreds March for Martin Luther King Jr.

It's a Celebration of the Civil Rights Leader's Life and Legacy


DULUTH, Minn. – Kids made posters and signs with hand written messages, as they prepared for the Martin Luther King Jr. March in Duluth.

It’s in honor of the iconic civil rights leader who peacefully fought for racial equality in the 50’s and 60’s.

“He gave his life and dedicated himself to the community, so that we can walk hand in hand, so we’re not segregated ,” said Salaam Witherspoon, the Chair of the Planning Committee for the March.

Marchers walked from the Washington Recreation Center to the DECC celebrating the life of Martin Luther King Junior, and raising awareness for the inequality and racism they believe still plagues the country.

“It’s important to get your voice heard, it’s important to be out and fight for equal rights for everybody,” said Witherspoon.

Organizers say it’s not about one culture or another, but for everybody to come together to stand for what they believe in. Those ideas were reflected by the diversity of the crowd, where people from a wide range of ages and backgrounds showed their support for the continuing fight for justice and equality.

“We are one big family,” said Stephan. “We are the human race.”

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