Animal Answers: Diving in the Door at World of Fish

Acquariums are Proven to Lower Stress Levels, as Well as Blood Pressure Levels

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – The winter months can be difficult for your mood when dealing with cold temperatures and lack of sunlight. But what if you could easily transform your mind to a tropical destination, easing your worry and level of stress?

It can be tricky to find open water in the winter, across Northern Minnesota.

“You have to create this artificial environment to see them in their natural habitats,” said Lisa Kamp, Owner of World of Fish in Hermantown.

If you’re motoring along Miller Trunk Highway, you’ll find a new world, full of fish.

“I had my first aquarium at eight years old,” said Kamp.

Buying the locally owned business nearly ten years ago, Lisa and her family know a few things about fish.

“People have different interests and different needs. I enjoy the peacefulness of it; aquariums have been proven to lower blood pressure, lower stress,” said Kamp.

Unique, underwater worlds, creating healthy environments in our homes.

“There was the fish store down in Minneapolis where I grew up. I think it had lots of finger and nose prints from me being interested in the fish and just looking at all of the different wonders of the underwater world,” said Kamp.

Lisa is hooked on helping Northlanders create their own world of fish.

“Do your research, follow our direction. The main thing is the water!”

She says it’s necessary to let nature do what it needs to do. Two types of bacteria need to build up in the controlled climate.

“There are many different living conditions and people don’t really realize that. Some fish like very acidic water; like the discus, some angel fish,” said Kamp.

Research, combined with science and chemistry make for the best judgement when finding your next fish.

Kamp says to never populate your aquarium too soon, or with too many fish at one time.

“We will help direct you to what environment is best for your fish to thrive,” said Kamp. “I see my future employees in the youngsters that come through this door that are just really into about science and the chemistry of the whole ecosystem that aquariums create.”

Kamp says out of all the species of fish they stock, goldfish are the most popular to go out the door, having lots of personality, energy, and color in the tank.

World of Fish also sells reptiles, including bearded dragons and snakes.

Check out World of Fish, located at 5211 Miller Trunk Highway in Hermantown.



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