Duluth Lakewalk Mini-Master Plan

City to Begin Comprehensive Plan to Reviltalize Duluth's Lakewalk

DULUTH, Minn- There could be some changes on the way to the Duluth Lakewalk. The city is hoping to create a plan, that will help earn funding to revitalize the Lakewalk. Recently the Lakewalk has been plagued by everything from heavy crowds to general wear and tear, but now in 2017 it’s time for some fresh ideas.

Starting later in 2017, the Duluth Parks and Recreation Department, will be working to construct a “min–master plan” for the historic Lakewalk. The plan will identify problems, as well as expansion opportunities. All in the hopes of receiving essential funding, for one of Duluth’s most scenic attractions.

Duluth Parks and Recreation Manager Lindsay Dean says, “The people who created the Lakewalk were visionaries, and i think all of us who live in Duluth value it, and we need to be stewards of it, and given that there’s more and more use, and the infrastructure is getting older and older, we need to be proactive because it’s expensive to maintain infrastructure like this.”

The city of Duluth will be seeking funding for the Lakewalk as early as next year, it is likely there wont be any significant changes until much later in 2018 and into 2019. For those interested in providing suggestions for improvements to the Lakewalk, the Duluth parks and recreation department will be holding meetings starting in October.

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