Northland Vietnam Veterans Memorial Restored

Markings on The Duluth Lakewalk Memorial are Removed

DULUTH, Minn- The Northland Vietnam Veterans Memorial that was vandalized earlier this week is now back to its previous condition. The Lakewalk memorial that lists the names of the 136 northland residents who died in Vietnam was vandalized with silver marker.

Police chief Mike Tusken posted a message to those responsible on Facebook, saying, “Disgracing this memorial and the veterans it honors, is shameful. For the person(s) who acted with disregard and disrespect of this memorial, our veterans and citizens of Duluth, come forward now to repair the pain caused by your actions or live with shame and karma lurking in the shadows you cast. We ask the public for help solving this crime.”

The memorial was designed by a local U.S. Navy Veteran and has resided on the Lakewalk since 1992.

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