Veterans React to Memorial Vandalism

The Northland Vietnam Memorial was recently vandalized. Local veterans called the act a "disgrace".

Northland Vietnam veterans have a few choice words for those who vandalized the Northland Vietnam Memorial.

“It’s a disgrace of course to all veterans that something like that would happen,” said Vietnam veteran Ray Stahl.

To veterans and the community, the memorial is more than just a piece of rock and concrete, it’s a legacy and a reminder of the sacrifices made by the 136 names inscribed on it.

“The piece of rock that’s sitting out there means something to somebody if not more than one just because of the names on that. There’s still friends in the area and associated with the family in one way or another,” said Kevin Beichler, a retired member of the Air Force.

Veterans like Beichler have noticed and have appreciated the support they’ve been given by the majority of the community.

“This community’s supported veterans for many, many years. Some people are taking a political spin on this. I don’t think it had anything to do with politics, it had to do with individuals that lack class and character,” said Beichler.

Stahl has one idea for the punishment for the vandals.

“Put four years in the military and they’ll find out what these people that are on that wall what they died for and it was for little kids…I could say something worse….they would never disgrace that wall,” said Stahl.

Police are still investigating the incident and Chief Mike Tusken called the act “shameful”.

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