Cook County Residents Without Phone Service

Many Residents Can't Even Call 911

Cook county residents first noticed their landlines had stopped working, around 12:30 Thursday morning.

They haven’t been able to make calls all day, including calls to emergency services.

The phone service is down because of a cut in the fiber. The phones affected are mostly land lines, so people with cell phones can still make 911 calls.  The sheriff tells us century link is working to resolve the problem.

“We are in the process of creating a redundant line, and so that would mitigate some of these, or all of these problems if we got it set up,” said Pat Eliason, the Sheriff at Cook County.

People without cell phones are being encouraged to go to the closest fire hall in the case of an emergency.

It’s still unclear how the fiber was damaged, but a similar situation happened a few weeks ago, when frozen lines caused residents to lose phone service for a few hours.