Perseverance and Hard Work Paying Off for Anglin

Anglin is working toward a second State Tournament.

BAYFIELD, WIS.- Bayfield–Washburn wrestler Zack Anglin can count the steps needed to get to state.

“Alls I’ve been thinking about is that state title, it’s just focus and dedication to reach that goal,” said Anglin.

He has taken this path before, making it to Madison, Wisconsin and the State Tournament his sophomore year and ike any athlete the journey to state wasn’t easy.

Anglin was born with no hands and no feet but it’s never stopped him.

“I can’t say it’s hard in a way because… through my whole entire life I’ve been used to just adapting to things and stuff like that so things haven’t really been a challenge for me,” said Anglin.

A never ending work ethic drives Anglin each and every day.

“Zack doesn’t know that he’s handicapped, I mean he’s been this way his whole life and he can do anything,” said Head Coach Steve Miller.

With 100 wins under his belt and a chance to go to a second state tournament, Anglin keeps on counting the days and wins to the tourney.

“I cannot give up, I cannot give up. It may take a while for me to do something, it may take a while but I cannot give up and I have to tell myself that,” said Anglin.


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