Thunderbird Motorcycle Club Gives Donation to Minnesota Veterans Home

The club donated $3,000 to the Minnesota Veteran's Home in Silver Bay.

The Thunderbird Motorcycle Club is just as passionate about helping their own as the members are about riding their bikes.

The Thunderbird Motorcycle Club presented the Minnesota Veterans Home in Silver Bay with a check for $3,000.

The group which includes several veterans promotes good fellowship in riding.

“It’s important to me to take care of the people that have taken care of keeping our country free as it is today,” said Jack Rose, Thunderbird charter member.

The Thunderbirds have donated to the Veterans Home every year for the last twenty years.

Members say they want to change some of the stereotypes associated with motorcycle clubs.

“A lot of people say bikers do a lot of bad things and this is a way for us to try to get rid of that image. We are community members even though we wear black leather jackets and ride motorcycles, we try to do good things also,” said Joe Wehmanen, Thunderbird president.

This year’s donation was about one thousand dollars more than last year. Officials said the Veterans Home will use the money for the home’s general activities fund.


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