Ranger Trio Leading MIB

Northern Star: MIB Gunning For State Title

Often in High School athletics, teams are lead by a single stand out athlete. However, up at Mountain Iron-Buhl they’ve got 3.

Head Coach Jeff Buffetta says, “Their leadership and qualities are invaluable to our program. Just seeing those guys come up. They together won pace setter championships back in 5th and 6th and 7th grade, and they sort of started the whole process of what it takes.”

Senior standouts Mya Buffetta and Chelsea Mason, long with junior Mary Burke, have the rangers currently sitting at a perfect 14 and 0, and pursuing the teams 7th straight section 7A championship.

Senior Mya Buffetta says, “Yeah, I mean it’s a little crazy to think about, I mean we’ve been doing it for so long and I don’t know, we just want to make it.”

Their aspirations go far beyond another section title, for 2 of them this will be their final season in a rangers uniform.

Chelsea Mason comments, “It’s way different than last year. I wanted it really bad last year, but this year I realized it’s my last year and I have to give it my all to try and get it.”

Buffetta adds, “I think you think about things a little different. Time is ticking down, so you want to make the best of everything.”

Something that’s constantly in the back of Burke’s mind.

Junior Mary Burke says, “I always just want to make them proud, and I don’t want to let them down, being that I am younger than them, so I have big shoes to fill.”

The future looks bright, the Rangers are the top ranked team in the state in class 1A.

Mason says, “We all know that we can’t succeed without each other. So we know that we need each other and that’s bigger to be together than individually.”

Buffetta adds, “To us I don’t think the rankings really matter. I mean what matters is at the end, we’re hoping to be number 1 ant the end.”

All 3 girls have scored over 1,000 points on their career, with Mason tallying over 2,500. However, personal accolades mean little to this team minded trio.

Mason says, “We don’t worry about oh this person is scoring more points or this person is doing this better than everybody else, we all know that we do better together than individually.”

Burke adds, “No one really pays attention to what the newspapers say, or like oh you scored this many points, or you scored only this many points, we don’t care. As long as we get the win.”

Its all about the team, and the collective dream of winning a state championship.

Buffetta comments, “This goal has been so big for so long, this is what I’m focused on now.”

Mason says, “I don’t think I’d love basketball as much as I do, without them.”

Burke adds, “It’s been my goal since I was in 6th grade, it means everything to me.”

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