A Taste of Home at Carlson’s Diner

Local Diner Serves Up Hearty Plates of Homemade Fair

HERMANTOWN, Minn- Carlson’s Diner opened their doors August 24th, after taking over the location of a Hermantown community staple Starvin’ Marvins.

Owner of Carlson’s Diner Amber Carlson says, “We updated the interior a lot, new cabinets, counters, light fixtures and things, just warmed it up a little bit.”

Since then, Carlson’s Diner, has been committed to sticking to their roots.

Carlson explains, “I think that everyone likes a local Ma and Pa place. I mean a lot of diner’s don’t exist anymore.”

Carlson adds, “I grew up coming here with my family, I have lots of fond memories, and so I wanted to bring that experience to other people.”

Serving up heaping plate fulls of homemade fair.

Local Dave Lucia says, “Good food, homemade soups are very good, proud of their soups. They got good chili.”

Carlson adds, “I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody leave here without feeling like they’re full. We have very good portions, hearty portions, and everything is home cooked.”

All while showing constant support for the local community.

Carlson says, “I think everybody likes to know where their food is coming from and so when we do that it’s a big thing for us and their fantastic over at Stokee’s Meats, so I can’t rave enough about them.”

Providing Northlanders with a comfortable spot, that tastes a little like home.

Carlson adds, “I love to see people happy, I love to feed people. It’s the family I grew up in, that’s how we were raised, is you know, put food in front of you and just eat, eat, eat.”

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