18th Annual Step To The Future Powwow

Native American Cultural Celebration at Myers-Wilkins

DULUTH, Minn- For nearly 20 years children and families in Duluth have come together to honor Native American traditions at the annual steps to the future Powwow. The gathering allows kids and young adults from all backgrounds a chance to experience American Indian culture in a fun and familiar environment.

Executive Director of the Myers-Wilkins Community School Collaborative, Jen Eddy says, “I love to see the kids in the gym, and at first you may seem people a little hesitant to get up and dance and participate especially if it’s something new to them but by the end of the night you can just really feel the community and everyone is participating, and it’s just such a great thing.”

Powwow participant Summerrain Redbrook says, “For other kids out of the culture can know what it’s like and because I’m Native American and I don’t get to do this stuff with my family anymore.”

With nearly 150 people in attendance at Wednesday’s event, the future of the Pow Wow looks promising.

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