Grand Avenue Estates Project Gets Pollution Grant

Development Project Near Morgan Park Gets a Boost

DULUTH, Minn- There is growing excitement for a major housing development along the St. Louis River corridor that hit a polluted snag. The city of Duluth and the developer have landed a $654,000  clean–up grant from the state. That money will go towards the nearly 1 million cost to get rid of contaminated soil on the property.

This means the $10 million development project can now add 9 single family housing unites to the two apartment buildings under construction right now.

Architect at Kuepers Inc. Chris Raimann says, “I think we may have been able to pull through. It would’ve been very difficult, however not without significantly reducing the scale of the project, or a combination of reducing the scale and raising rental rates in order to pay of this unexpected outcome.”

The Grand Avenue Estates will open by this November. Prices range from $975 a month for single bedroom apartment up to roughly $1,500 for a 3 bedroom apartment. The town homes will run between around $1,800 and $2,000 a month for 2 and three bedrooms.

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