Accumulating Snowfall Looking More Likely Early Next Week

For some time now, we have been monitoring the possibility of a snow system that would affect the Northland or at least parts of the Northland community from Monday evening through Tuesday afternoon. We have seen several different solutions in the forecast model outputs of the storm.

The setup we have is a low pressure Canadian Clipper that will move southeast from the Northwest Territories near the Arctic Circle. In the meantime, we have another low pressure that will be making an impact along the Pacific Northwest. The energy with this low pressure will travel into Southern Canada and will tap into the energy from this southern propitiating clipper. If these storms fuse together correctly which lately has been the case with the model outputs, several inches of snow will fall somewhere in the Upper Midwest.

We have varying snowfall total projections from this upcoming storm from less than an inch to near 9 inches of snow over the next 5 days. The majority of this snow will occur on Monday into Tuesday. Before then, we will only see some flurries or passing snow showers across the area.

Snowfall totals in the Duluth area so far this season since winter began are below our normal for this time of the year. If we do see the higher spectrum of the snowfall totals early next week, our season total will be much more close to our average.

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